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Ukrainian Bookshelf in Algarve

Discover the enchanting world of Ukrainian literature at the Faro Municipal Library’s Ukrainian Bookshelf. Immerse yourself in captivating stories for both children and adults, written in the beautiful Ukrainian language. Experience the magic of storytelling and open your mind to new perspectives. Join us in supporting this wonderful initiative by donating to AACUP Oranta today. Let’s celebrate diversity and the power of literature!

Book Donations

Step into the world of Ukrainian literature and make a difference. Donate your beloved Ukrainian books to the Faro Municipal Library’s Ukrainian Bookshelf. Preserve captivating stories that showcase the beauty of the Ukrainian language. Join AACUP Oranta’s initiative and share the Ukrainian culture.

Financial Donations

Help us expand our captivating Ukrainian library and make a profound impact on the world of Ukrainian language and storytelling. Your generous donation to AACUP Oranta will not only foster diversity and inspire new perspectives, but also support our vital mission. Join us today to embrace the transformative power of literature and celebrate its enduring impact.


Discover endless opportunities to arrange educational events for Ukrainian children at the Faro Municipal Library. Immerse them in the enchanting world of Ukrainian literature. Join us in supporting AACUP Oranta’s initiative by donating today and celebrate the power of literature to inspire and educate. Let’s create a brighter future for Ukrainian children through the magic of books. Get involved and make a difference today.

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