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Ambulances for Ukraine

Oranta AACUP has arranged the way to deliver used ambulance vehicles from Portugal to the frontline in Ukraine, to help the population of the liberated towns and the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ambulances for Ukraine

In addition to evacuation of citizens we started fund-raising to help the Armed Forces with emergency aid vehicles at the beginning of May.
The first two cars were bought on funds, raised from the first charity festival in Lagos and sent to Ukraine in early June 2022. Then we started looking for cars and funds to repair and maintain them.
Four ambulances were presented by the Association of Fire fighters in Portugal and sent to Ukraine in November 2022. They have their expiry date, are considered outdated and due to cancellation according to Portuguese laws. But they are completely functional, wholly equipped and are suitable for work at the frontline. Fundraising is carried out with the purpose of their maintenance, repair and transportation.

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